Draper Achieves UL Listing for Four Motorized FlexShade Models

draper window shade

When specifying or installing window shades, two important factors to always keep in mind are safety and quality. However, proving that a product is safe can be difficult when the electrical inspector arrives. That’s why Draper sought and achieved UL Listing for several models of Motorized FlexShade. UL Listing is for the entire unit, and not just for some UL Recognized components.

Products included are Motorized FlexShade AC, Motorized FlexShade I/O AC, Motorized FlexShade 485 AC and Motorized FlexShade RTS AC. UL Listing covers both single and dual roller units, as well as coupled shades, up to the largest sizes available.

UL Listing is good throughout the United States and Canada on units manufactured beginning Feb. 10, 2021.