DPA Microphones Releases Two New Pencil Cardioid Microphones

DPA Microphones

DPA Microphones just unveiled its new compact 2012 Cardioid and 2015 Wide Cardioid Microphones. Featuring a reinforced construction to withstand the rigors of touring, the new mics join the brand’s line of pencil mics and offer DPA’s renowned natural and precise sound reproduction.

The 2012 Compact Cardioid Microphone acts as a “reliable, all-around, generalist pencil mic that performs well on any instrument.” This mic combines a “robust design with intricate sound pickup for accurate close miking on any stage setup.” From horns and percussion to acoustic or electric guitars, bass cabinets and more, DPA says the 2012 can capture crystal clear, single-instrument pickup with ease. Unlike the dynamic mics frequently used for close miking applications, the 2012 features an extended frequency range and flat frequency response in a small-form factor. The 2012’s transient response also allows it to cope with high SPLs while being able to capture the most delicate of sounds.

While the 2012 excels at single instrument pickup, the 2015 Compact Wide Cardioid Microphone performs “best as a stereo pair on drum kits and instrument groups.” Featuring uniform, wide cardioid directionality and a linear frequency response, a selected pair of 2015 mics offers “spacious sound for horn groups, vibraphones, xylophones and other large instruments.” When closely positioned, the mics are also ideal for large grand pianos or for use as overheads for drum kits. This stereo pair can capture balanced sound of the entire instrument with less bleed from the stage. Additionally, the compact design of the 2015 allows for unobtrusive placement at venues of any size, while its durable, reinforced construction means it will last from stage to stage.