DPA Microphones Debuts New Audio Solutions at InfoComm 2015

dpa-infocomm-0615DPA Microphones will debut its new TSM4001Tabletop Shock Mount for its d:screet and d:dicate Podium Microphones at InfoComm 2015. In addition to the mounts, the company will also present its d:dicate Series MMP-F Modular Active Boom podium mic solution, along with the d:fine 66 and d:fine 88 Miniature Headset Microphones.

DPA’s new TSM4001 Tabletop Shock Mount complements the sleek design of the company’s existing podium mic products, offering the absolute best shock rejection of any mount on the market. The mount features vertical softness that absorbs handling vibrations, while horizontal movements are controlled to prevent the podium boom from coming in direct contact with the mount. Optimized for the weight and dimensions of each of the d:screet and d:dicate podium microphones, the mounts fit plate thicknesses of .3- to 1.5-inches. The mounts are easy to affix, requiring only an approximate two- to 2.5-inch opening, and can be custom-ordered with a variety of finishes to match the surrounding furniture or architectural structure.

DPA’s  podium range includes the d:dicate Series MMP-F Modular Active Booms. Intended for use with the d:dicate MMC4011 Cardioid and MMC4018 Supercardioid capsules for podium, floor stand or hanging applications, the MMP-F relies on the same technology as the company’s MMP-E active cable. Equipped with an active boom pole preamp, the MMP-F is available in a variety of lengths and gooseneck options. It fits to any modular d:dicate capsule and offers excellent radio frequency rejection, which is obtained through the DPA designed impedance balancing with active drive. The MMP-F Booms are available in 15-, 30- and 45-cm hanging/table/podium options and as 75- and 120-cm floor stand choices. In addition to the MMC4011 and MMC4018, the d:dicate range also includes the MMC4007 High-SPL Omnidirectional Capsule and microphones from the familiar and well-loved DPA Reference Standard series, including the modular 4000 and 2000 Series.

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The company will also present its d:fine 66 and d:fine 88 Headset Microphones, ideal for live production environments where presenters need to move freely onstage without obstruction. The entire d:fine range features durable body-worn microphone solutions with excellent sound reproduction and sturdy casing for stringent use in live environments. These mics address a variety of sound handling and size options, depending on the intended application. With a contemporary look and classic sound, the d:fine 66 and d:fine 88 combines the 4066 Omni and 4088 Cardioid microphone capsules with features of the modern d:fine headsets, such as an advanced  modular  mount and flexible ear hooks. The DPA d:fine 66 Omnidirectional Headset Microphone and d:fine 88 Directional Headset Microphone, which are recognized by their rounded capsules, are intended for use by actors, musicians and singers who require optimal sound and grid cleaning/changing options.

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