DPA Microphones Announces New High-SPL Lavaliers

dpa microphones 6060 6061

DPA Microphones’ new 6060/6061 lavaliers are housed in stainless steel, PVD-coated casing and include high SPL up to 129dB. Both also feature a 60-percent smaller capsule and are available in black, white, brown and beige. They also feature durable construction and unsurpassed sound quality, making them ideal for any live production.

According to DPA, the company designed this series to be the best sounding, smallest microphones in this category of its lineup, and also the most rugged. The strain relief minimizes cable tension and breaks, guiding its Kevlar-core cables to a fully customizable connector system for any professional wireless system.

Additionally, a double layer of gold plating is applied to the mic’s diaphragm to ensure stability and performance. All CORE by DPA mics are outfitted with several defense mechanisms. This includes water-repellant nano-coating on the exterior and hermetic sealing of the amplifier within the microphone.

Details on the 6000 Series CORE Microphones are here.