Don’t Miss 4 Must-see Highlights in CineAsia 2022!

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1. The complete SR Series media servers including:

  • The ultra-reliable SR-1000 IMB with MTBF of 100,000 hrs and its well-proven built-in options: CineCacheTM 2TB storage; and 5.1/7.1 cinema audio processor for surround sound and a 15.1 cinema processor with DTS:X for IAB decoder for 16/24/32-channels immersive audio.
  • Audio accessories for your sound system configuration including the AE-6703, a 32-channel Bidirectional Converter bridging the worlds of AES3 and AES67; DAC Series Digital-to-Analog Audio Converter; Espedeo AIB-2000 Audio IO (Input-Output) Box.
  • Two IMB solutions with high-performance HFR technology: SR-6400 IMB which powers the CINITY Cinema System and SR-5400C IMB designed with FAST HFR Technology at 4K 3D@96fps seamlessly integrates with Christie® CineLife+™ Series cinema projectors.
  • The FAST SRC-7500 media server supports 4K@96fps designed for the Unilumin LED cinema screen.

2. Fully automate the booth operations by bundling with GDC’s other automation solutions:

3. Projection and pre-show lighting solutions, only from GDC:

  • Espedeo Supra-5000, the world’s smallest, quietest, and lightest DCI-compliant cinema projector with built-in powerful features including CineCache 2TB storage, 5.1/7.1 cinema audio processor for surround sound and the upcoming option of a 15.1 cinema audio processor with a DTS:X for IAB immersive audio decoder.
  • Learn how DiveCtrl™ Dynamic Lighting System allows a custom light show to entertain your moviegoers with choreography of light that matches the preshow content.

4. Demo how the web-based GoGoCinema™ cinema-on-demand platform allows moviegoers to choose when and where to watch their favorite new and legacy movies; and its integration with popular ticketing systems.