Domotz Updates Its UI With More Intuitive Navigation

domotz new ui

Domotz has an all-new UI. The updated design features more intuitive navigation that makes it easier to monitor and manage networks and proactively identify issues before they occur. Additionally, it draws attention to networks with security issues and with critical numbers of devices offline, so that users know exactly which networks to look at when logging into Domotz.

Features of the refreshed user interface include:

  • A new look and feel with improved navigation.
  • New “Manage” homepage that highlights networks that requires attention such as those with a high number of important devices offline and those with security issues.
  • Important network configuration details are now available and more visible such as VLAN, private subnets, and external host information.
  • Attention is drawn to devices that have available features which haven’t been configured such as OS monitoring, SNMP management, and network configuration management.
  • The new UI and improvements join a host of other features recently added to the software this year such as pre-configured SNMP sensors, custom monitoring dashboards, new integrations for network configuration management, and the ability to apply device and network settings in bulk.