Do Some of Your Projectors Vibrate?

In projector or camera installations, poor image quality is often caused by vibrations from an external source, not just HVAC units installed on a roof but can be from foot traffic on an upper level when a projector or camera is installed on a lower floor.

As the weight of projectors and cameras are in suspension mode as opposed to compression, it is important to note that the requirements are different between the two methods. In suspended applications, it is necessary to take in the total suspended weight of the equipment and the frequency characteristics of the vibration source; otherwise the result can be worse than having used nothing at all.

Nigel B Design’s Anti-Vibration Mounts are designed for this exact niche.

As most causes of vibration is often equipment related to a HVAC unit attached to a building’s steel framework, or from an upper floor which results in vibrations between 0-30,000 Hertz being transmitted directly to the projector.

The AntiVibration Isolation Mount’s footprint is 4″ x 4″ with a height of 3.3″ and a weight of little over 2 pounds and can handle AV gear weighing up to 70 pounds. Here are all the details.