dnp Debuts Supernova XL, Large Optical Front Screen

dnp Denmarkdnp-optical-1114 has launched what it’s calling the Supernova XL — the world’s largest optical front projection screen available as a single screen solution. With an image area of up to 5.3×3 meters (that’s a 240” diagonal 16:9 screen, by the way), the Supernova XL Screen is designed to be rolled up during transportation. The XL screens are shipped in boxes of only 600×425 millimeters (length determined by screen height) significantly reducing transport and handling costs. Once on site, dnp says that the screen can easily be assembled by two people in a couple of hours. This makes it perfect for temporary, large screen applications.

The Supernova XL Screen is available in any aspect ratio and image size up to 5,334 millimeters (210”) wide and 3,048 millimeters (120”) high. The screen is supplied as standard with an 86-millimeter wide black frame. Frame options include black sand or black velvet for optimal light absorption. It also has compliance with ANSI/INFOCOMM PISCR standard. Complete specs are here.