dnp to highlight sports venue video at InfoComm

php8LyozIAMOn June 18th-20th in Las Vegas, dnp denmark will be showcasing the ultimate in front and rear projection systems designed for Sports Bars and entertainment venues. The dnp exhibit C6818 will include live HD sport feeds shown on Supernova front projection and dnp rear projection screens with Vista video processing and Digital Projection projectors.

If you can’t make it to Brazil to see the World Cup live, dnp’s stand at InfoComm is the next best thing! Our featured rear projection screen will be a 180” dnp Zenith Screen. With its 2.2 gain and excellent contrast and uniformity, the Zenith Screen is the perfect match for high lumen projectors.

For edge blending of multiple sports events, the Supernova Infinity will feature three Digital Projection projectors and Vista Systems will provide the video processing and programming. The Supernova Infinity features 08.85 ISF Certified screen material and is the best large format screen for achieving a high contrast image in high ambient light.
Daily shoot-out – White Screens versus Optical Supernova

dnp denmark will hold a live shoot-out each day at 3pm in which the dnp Supernova battles it out, toe-to-toe with normal white screens. With dnp senior product manager Johnny Jensen as referee, this competition is a ‘must’ for all audio-visual system professionals.

“This is the most definitive screen comparison you’ll ever see at a trade show,” says Johnny. “It’s going to be a hands on, no holds barred shoot-out. We invite you to bring your light meters, and gather your own proof of Supernova’s impressive contrast levels. We claim they are up to 7-times more than conventional white screens. Come and see if we’re right!”
Optical Screens…see the difference

Numerous discussions are being thrown around regarding optical projection screens. What exactly is an optical screen? How can you actively take control of your screen image regardless of ambient lighting? How can you provide your client with a screen that is future proof? This 20 minute presentation at booth N1869 will answer those questions and discuss the advantages of front and rear projected images.

Please join our presentation Thursday, June 19 at 4pm
Learn more about contrast and colour gamut

Tuesday 17th, 12 noon – 1pm. In the run up to InfoComm, Johnny Jensen, senior product manager at dnp denmark, is giving a key-note presentation at Display Summit on the subject “Optical front projection versus standard white screens”.

Join us for a live comparison of the key parameters, contrast and colour gamut.

We measure the contrast of an optical Supernova front projection screen and compare it to a standard white front projection screen – both in a dark environment as well as in high ambient light. Come and see for yourself just how much a higher contrast level impacts image quality.