DMF Lighting Announces iX Product Line at CEDIA Expo 2023

dmf lighting ix

DMF Lighting announced their new enhanced iX product line of luxury lighting products exclusive to the CEDIA channel today (at CEDIA Expo 2023 at booth 4112). These include True Spectrum 98 CRI (Color Rendering Index) light modules for industry-leading color rendition and new premium trim selections (raw brass, anodized aluminum, and anodized bronze finishes), available in flangeless and micro flange options.

The new iX Series 2-inch fixtures add premium aesthetics to the iX Series, designed to elevate the entire home with modern, quiet ceilings and elegant design. As part of its commitment to the channel, the enhanced iX Series DMF small aperture lights allow CI channel integrators to go smaller without compromising performance, installation, and serviceability.

The highest color rendering in their category, new iX lighting modules with True Spectrum™ feature new LED chips that effectively display colors in their true vibrancy and richness as they appear under natural light. Accurate color representation is essential to enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of the space, creating a pleasing ambiance and highlighting the beauty of objects, products, and artwork.

The demand for differentiation in the CI channel is critical, and the new DMF trims exclusive to the channel offer premium materials, finishes, and performance. The stunning trims are machined from solid blocks of aerospace-grade 6061 – T6 aluminum, then bead blasted for an ideal surface structure that reduces glare and provides a smooth finish. Next, they are anodized with a clear satin finish or a rich bronze finish that provides both durability and an extremely low glare finish. Additional new trims are machined from solid brass 360 billet. The surface is hand brushed to give a beautiful, finely textured raw brushed brass finish whose beauty will continue to be enhanced with age.

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The iX Series sets a new standard for ease of installation on many fronts, and the new dedicated flangeless housings eliminate the need to feather. They can be installed using conventional drywall taping techniques to achieve a level 5 drywall finish. Both round and square options work with all iX Series modules and trims, significantly improving the ease and speed of installation.

  • The adapter plate provides outbound mounting tabs that are used to mount the Gypsum Panel with wingnuts
  • Includes presets for ½-, 5/8-, 1-, and 1 ¼-inch ceiling thicknesses
  • Ships at 5/8th sheetrock thickness

The new iX Series premium features continue to elevate the DMF Brand, solve existing installer issues associated with 2-inch products, and open up new opportunities to delight homeowners and designers.