DMF Lighting Announces the DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) Protocol for the Artafex Line

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CARSON, Calif. — May 1, 2024 — DMF Lighting, the leader in modular downlighting in the custom integration channel, today announced the DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) protocol for the Artafex line that is exclusive to the custom integration channel. As the preferred choice for modern lighting control systems, DALI provides precision and flexibility over individual light fixtures and provides a modern, adaptable, and efficient solution for lighting control that surpasses the limitations of traditional phase control systems. It offers precise control, digital communication, scalability, energy efficiency, compatibility, and enhanced maintenance capabilities, making it the preferred choice for lighting in today’s smart building and lighting design applications.

“The primary benefits of DALI include reduced wiring compared to traditional home runs to a centralized dimming cabinet, the ability to rezone without physically rewiring, and color temperature control,” said Mike Libman, National Sales Director, Residential Systems, DMF Lighting. “The DALI 2 protocol seamlessly integrates with all of the most popular lighting control manufacturers.”

DALI protocol features include:

Digital Communication: DALI is a digital protocol, enabling bi-directional communication between the control system and the lighting fixtures. This two-way communication allows for real-time monitoring, status feedback, and remote management of lighting systems.

Individually Addressable Devices: Each device on a DALI system can be assigned a unique address, allowing for individual control of each light or group of lights, and scene programming.

Scalability and Expandability: Each DALI loop can control up to 64 devices, making them suitable for both small- and large-scale installations. Adding or reconfiguring lighting zones is straightforward. Additional devices can be added to the system without having to rewire the entire system.

Energy Efficiency: DALI can help to improve energy efficiency by allowing for more precise control of lighting levels, and it supports energy-saving features like occupancy sensing and daylight harvesting, optimizing energy consumption.

Compatibility: DALI is an open standard, ensuring compatibility among different manufacturers’ DALI-compliant devices. This promotes competition, innovation, and choice for integrators and homeowners. DMF expects additional control options to launch in the integrator channel soon.

Maintenance and Diagnostics: DALI enables remote diagnostics, allowing for quick identification and resolution of lighting issues, reducing maintenance costs.

DMF’s DALI modules are available with warm dim, tunable white, and a range of static color temperatures. They also feature NFC (near field communication) technology that allows initial setup and future replacement programming without any power with a simple phone app. Artafex DALI modules are available for purchase now.