DisplaySearch: Growing TV Sizes Boost Overall Display Market

The average size of LCD TVs is on the rise, a trend that continues to be a driving force in global TFT LCD flat-panel-display (FPD) demand. According to the NPD DisplaySearch Quarterly Worldwide FPD Shipment and Forecast Report, growth in TFT LCD area demand will increase 9 percent, from 141 million m² in 2013 to 154 million m² in 2014. Key to area demand growth is TV, and TFT LCD panel demand for TV is expected to grow from 228 million units in 2013 to 241 million in 2014, with demand for panels larger than 50” growing even faster, from 27 million units in 2013 to 32 million in 2014.

“The increasing size of LCD TVs plays a key role in boosting overall panel area demand, especially when notebook PCs and LCD monitors are facing declines,” said David Hsieh, vice president of the greater China market for NPD DisplaySearch. “Aggressive promotions aimed at larger sizes, along with the effect of 4K TV, are helping to encourage consumer demand for larger TVs. Due to this increased demand, panel supply could tighten in 2014.”

Table 1: TFT LCD and AMOLED Area Demand Growth


Source: NPD DisplaySearchQuarterly Worldwide FPD Shipment and Forecast Report

Growing Display Demand Also Forecast for Large Monitors, Mobile Phones, and Tablet PCs

Although the overall desktop monitor market is shrinking, demand for large-sized panels is also affecting this segment. Demand for LCD monitor panels that are 23” and larger is expected to grow from 45 million in 2013 to 52 million in 2014. In addition, tablet-PC panel demand area is forecast to increase from nearly 6 million m² in 2013 to nearly 8 million m² in 2014. “Apple may introduce a larger iPad, which could result in an increase in the average tablet-PC panel size,” Hsieh said.

With smartphones taking a growing share of the mobile phone market, NPD DisplaySearch forecasts that 5″ and larger mobile-phone panels will increase from 282 million units in 2013 to 448 million in 2014. Mobile-phone display demand area is expected to surpass 10 million m² for the first time in 2014, up from just over 8 million m² this year.
Covering more than 140 FPD producers across more than 10 countries, the Quarterly Worldwide FPD Shipment and Forecast Report analyzes historical display shipments and forecast projections. For more information about the report, email DisplaySearch here.