DisplayNote Technologies Launches Montage as a Software-First Wireless Presentation System

DisplayNote Technologies announces an update to Montage which sees the product available as a software only solution. This update includes a new streaming protocol, a cloud based management portal, and enhanced security and network features. Designed for the meeting spaces of large enterprises, Montage allows multiple users, whether they’re in room, remote or on separate networks to wirelessly cast content from their device to a main meeting room screen without the need for additional hardware.

Available as Windows or Android software, Montage can now be deployed securely onto hardware that typically exists meeting spaces, such as mini PCs, compute sticks, fixed PCs or flat panels. If no hardware end point is available Montage can be deployed and delivered on its own hardware.

Users can connect with any device with client apps for Windows, Web, iOS, Android and Airplay support.

In addition, DisplayNote claims the Montage has better video performance, attendees on guest networks or connecting remotely can share content in the exact same way as those on the corporate network and now attendees can connect via Web, Windows, native iOS, native Android and Airplay. All inbound and outbound data from our backend layer is encrypted and transmitted over TLS or DTLS with 2048-bit asymmetric encryption and 256-bit symmetric encryption using certificates from third party credited authorities. Montage uses a combination of both Azure and Amazon services to provide a resilient and redundant backend.

Here are the details.