DisplayNote Technologies to Launch Real-time Collaborative Workspace at ISE Called Mosaic

DisplayNote Technologies will announce the launch of its new collaborative workspace solution, Mosaic, a software-only solution that is designed to bring people, ideas and content closer together.

Mosaic, a software solution for Windows and Android, combines video and voice with the ability for teams in different locations, on different displays, to collaborate in real-time on documents, text, images and sketches in the same expansive workspace. Using proximity detection, in-room attendees can share content from an iOS device in to a collaborative workspace where it can be shared and edited.

  • Mosaic combines video and voice with the ability for teams in different locations to collaborate in real-time on documents, text, images and sketches in the same expansive workspace.
  • Import a Word document, Excel spread sheet, PowerPoint or PDF into a workspace and teams in different locations can share and co-edit those documents in real-time.
  • With Mosaic, teams in different locations can connect to draw and sketch in the same collaborative workspace.
  • Using  proximity detection, and low energy bluetooth, Mosaic allows users to push content from mobile devices into the workspace with support for Jpeg, Word, Powerpoint, PDF and Excel.
  • When you’re done creating and collaborating, workspaces can be permanently deleted or saved to work on later.
  • With Mosaic, all inbound and outbound data from Backend layer is encrypted and transmitted over TLS or DTLS with 2048-bit asymmetric encryption and 256-bit symmetric encryption. For secure point to point audio and video, data is encrypted through secure real-time protocol.

Ahead of launch, DisplayNote Technologies announced that Mosaic will be included as the main collaborative workspace solution on both NEC’s range of Infinity Boards and Sahara’s CleverTouch Pro series.

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