DisplayNote and Newline Partner at InfoComm

DisplayNote has announced today it has signed a four-year software partnership with display manufacturer Newline Interactive. The partnership will see DisplayNote create and supply Newline with a suite of Newline branded collaboration solutions for its touch and non-touch display. Each solution is designed to simplify how people in meeting spaces and classrooms share content, interact and collaborate on a Newline display.

This suite of solutions includes:

  • Newline Cast – Windows and Android based wireless presentation software embedded on allowing users to share content directly from any device to Newline Display
  • Newline Launch Control – a solution that enables users to use their smartphone to turn a shared meeting room screen into a more personal device.
  • Newline Display Management – Designed for IT administrators to remotely manage and send content to their Newline displays from a web portal.
  • Newline Broadcast – Designed for teachers and presenters, it allows users to share what’s on their Newline touch display with 200+ connected attendees’ devices.
  • Newline Workspace – Collaborative whiteboard software that enables users on two different displays to connect and work together in real time.

DisplayNote is here and Newline is here.