DisplayNote Montage Adds New Features

DisplayNote has added new features to their wireless presentation system, Montage  aimed at IT managers who would be deploying the system. The first is an IT admin feature that allows IT departments to, facility-wide, deploy, update settings, turn on and off the system, view usage stats, add or remove rooms and perform firmware updates — all via the network.

The second new feature allows users, during a use session, to download any software applications they want on to their Windows-based Montage system and then the system resets after each usage — even removing the application just added. That way, every user starts with eh same session loaded. So, once the session is over, the app is gone.

The DisplayNote Montage is a wireless presentation system for room or faculty wide installs. Here are all the details.

Check out the video of the award winning DisplayNote Montage from ISE 2019 below: