disguise Launches r21 Software Release for Improved Workflows in Designer and RenderStream Software

disguise r21 Software Releasedisguise has launched its latest software release, r21, unlocking improved functionality of its Designer software interface and RenderStream workflows, s well as introducing new tools for managing color workflows. The release promises enhanced performance of the disguise software for productions across all of disguise’s industry applications, from live shows to virtual productions, broadcasts and fixed installations.

disguise’s xR workflow, officially launched as part of software release r18 last year, was developed in close partnership with a select group of disguise users around the world who field tested the release and shared feedback and improvements to the disguise development team. r21 is no different. Built on feedback from industry experts and practitioners, as well as insights from disguise’s Live and Colour Insider groups, the new release has been tried and tested on various live productions, from Hans Zimmer’s 2022 European Tour, and new theatre shows around the UK such as Hedwig and the Angry Inch and The 47th.

r21 introduces a suite of new features to its core software interface, allowing users to work with disguise more efficiently. The release also brings significant improvements to disguise’s RenderStream infrastructure, a core element within its workflow that integrates the disguise hardware, software, content engines and camera tracking to deliver seamless productions.

r21 also includes new features that improve color management within the disguise workflow. The team took a closer look at its existing color workflow end to end and developed new features that enable color grading with accuracy, while also introducing support for widely used color formats.