DISE Digital Signage Platform Adds never.no Mobile Interactivity Option

never.nologo 0110

never.no, a provider of the technology that enables peonever.nologo-0110ple to use their mobile phones to interact with a DS display, announced a partnership with the developer of the DISE digital signage platform, Klocktornet AB. Under the agreement, Klocktornet, headquartered in Karlstad, Sweden, will offer customers around the world the DISE Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) solution with the option of interactive capability.

The never.no Interactivity Suite is a video platform that enables audience participation by modifying the video stream based on live, user-submitted content. Able to function with traditional TV, Web TV, IPTV, and mobile TV platforms, never.no products power interactive TV formats and entire channels by enabling viewers and consumers to participate through mobile phones and the Internet.

You need to check out never.no – it’s very cool:  http://www.never.no/