Dirac Live Bass Control Now Integrates Into Premium Audio Company’s Onkyo, Pioneer, Elite, Integra AVR Units

dirac premium audio company

Dirac today announced another collaboration with Premium Audio Company to incorporate the company’s Dirac Live Bass Control solution into PAC’s Onkyo, Pioneer, Elite, and Integra AVR units. Specifically, Dirac Live Bass Control is now integrated into the Integra DRX-8.4; the Elite VSX-LX805, Pioneer VSA-LX805; and the Onkyo TX-RZ70 — all of which are now available.

Dirac Live Bass Control, part of the Dirac Live family of room acoustic solutions, is designed to help users manage their subwoofers. The feature aggregates measurement and location data from each subwoofer to determine how a system’s bass is distributed throughout the room. It then identifies inconsistencies in the low-frequency response and compensates to distribute bass evenly throughout the room.

The feature also corrects for the time alignment of subwoofers with the main speaker pair, assuring that the entire spectrum of audio is accurately reproduced. All of this processing enables the subwoofers to be positioned anywhere in the room — wherever most aesthetically pleasing — without sacrificing performance for design, or vice versa.

Dirac Live Bass Control is said to deliver smooth and evenly distributed bass; key benefits include:

  • Smoother low-frequency transition at the crossover point between subwoofers and speakers
  • A consistent low-frequency response throughout the listening area
  • Bass management on multiple subwoofers
  • Flexible subwoofer placement

Dirac Live Bass Control is part of the Dirac Live family of audio processing, which also includes the Dirac Live Room Correction, which is also included in the Onkyo, Pioneer, Elite, and Integra AVR units. The solution’s patented impulse response correction maximizes the performance of a sound system — fast and easy. Dirac Live Room Correction benefits include improved localization of sound sources, improved clarity and intelligibility in music and speech, and a deeper and tighter low-frequency response free of resonances throughout the entire listening area.

Dirac Live Bass Control is available for $349 (for the single-subwoofer version) and $499 (for the multi-subwoofer version).