Digital Signage on the High Seas

Do you like to cruise the high seas?

You may not know that some of the newer cruise ships to hit the water can hold nearly 4,000 passengers and weigh close to 150,000 tons.  These new ships have water slides, host Broadway-style shows, and can offer up to 30 dining options or more. The new generation of cruise ships are truly modern marvels of technology, design, and engineering.

Amongst all of the exciting new technology on these ships, there is one thing that most passengers will overlook, but we wouldn’t miss for the world: digital signage.

cruise ship displays

Outdoor Displays

On upper level, outdoor decks, as shown here on the Norwegian Breakaway, projection screens stream music videos, serene imagery, movies and more to correlate with guest activities on the ship.

Outdoor bars are also made complete by fully sealed outdoor displays, most often showing sports games from around the world. These displays offer protection from wind, rain, ocean spray, bar drinks… any elements that would otherwise destroy a standard indoor display.

Outdoor displays

indoor displaysIndoor Displays

Of course there’s a plethora of indoor displays to be found onboard a modern cruise ship. Still, one the coolest new additions we’ve seen is in-wall touch screen kiosks on every floor.

As is the case with most kiosks, the applications here are endless. Cruise ship kiosks allow guests to look at the daily event schedule, find bars, look up restaurant menus, insert their key cards to book spa appointments and show tickets, and more. Lost at night? Insert your room key for a map and directions to your room. If only this was always available in life on land!

So What’s Next?

As is nearly always the case with technology, folks want to know: “What’s next?” Well, here it is! Royal Caribbean’s Quantum of the Seas, set to sail shortly, will feature 80-inch 4K displays in indoor staterooms to create virtual balconies.

The displays will stream live footage from high definition cameras placed around the ship, allowing indoor guests to experience the very same thing folks with balconies are experiencing at the very same time. They’ve even overlaid the graphic of a railing to instill a feeling of safety, as the 4K display’s definition is so true-to-life, it feels as though you can really reach out into open air.

Are you a cruiser? What’s the coolest thing you’ve seen onboard?