Digital Signage Federation Slates April 13 “Hangout”

hangouts-0316The Digital Signage Federation (DSF) invites DSF members and non-members alike, to attend its Wednesday, April 13 “Hangout” panel discussion at 2pm EST, on the topic of “Digital Signage & Environmental Design.”

Anyone can mount a digital sign on a wall, but integrating sign as a design element to enhance the physical environment requires forethought and planning. Architects and interior designers are now proactively working with digital signage technologies to create design statements that communicate a brand’s message or convey a company’s culture by incorporating the signage into the overall design.

Hangouts are 45-minute panel discussions using Google’s Hangout platform with a moderator and a panel of three or four industry professionals.

The panel comprised of Digital Signage professionals who are members of the DSF, will include:

  • Hussain Ali, Founder & CEO, Houston Dynamic Displays
  • Georgia Reid, Marketing Strategist, Parabit Systems
  • (Third Panelist to be Confirmed)

In addition to sharing their thoughts on content trends, the panel may discuss issues such as:

  • How digital signage can be used as a design element
  • The information an architect needs to plan for the signage
  • The information designers need to successfully incorporate digital signage technology
  • Use case examples
  • Common mistakes and missteps of design collaboration

More information on the April 13 Hangout event or other DSF events can be found on the DSF website here.