Digital Signage Federation Announces Debut of Regional Networking Events

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dsf-logo-1012The Digital Signage Federation will host four regional evening “meet and greet” events in 2013. These will be designed to:

  • Facilitate networking and business opportunity among local industry professionals, and
  • Support the DSF’s educational and member outreach in key markets that have evidenced growth and a high level of interest in this sector.

Why should you, your colleagues, clients or prospective clients be there? Because no matter what business you’re in — being unaware of the many creative ways your organization can make money by being involved in this industry is a lost opportunity.

The Digital Signage Federation Board of Directors will be in Dallas at the Wednesday, March 20th event to conversationally share their business experience, enumerate industry opportunity, and discuss the benefits of membership in the Digital Signage Federation.

Randy Dearborn, Vice President, Multimedia & Guest Technology, MGM Resorts, and DSF Board Member at Large, will not only share the many ways in which his company’s multi-property and multinational use of digital signage has improved the guest experience, but also which resources the DSF provides he finds most useful in his business.

Attendance is limited, so if you would like to attend, have a colleague in the Dallas area, or have a client or prospective client you feel would benefit from getting to know why our industry should be important to them – and how the DSF can help – please register, or encourage them to register ASAP on the DSF website at:

The dates and cities that these events will be held in 2013 are:

  • Dallas, TX, March 20th
  • Toronto, Canada, June 26th
  • Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN, Sept. 25th
  • Southern California, Dec. 4th (specific city TBD)