Digital Projection’s Integrated Suite of AV Calculators

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Digital Projection Inc. (DPI) has introduced an integrated suiteDP_Logo_CAV_200px-0910 of image and lens calculators to the audio/video industry. With the Calculator Toolbox, users can quickly calculate essential data (image size and throw distance of a projector) given a few basic parameters.

The suite includes other tools and guides intended to demystify the projector selection process (such as the Screen Brightness calculator), as well as to help identify the true long-term cost of any projection system within any application (Cost of Ownership calculator).

What began as a modest browser-based lens calculator has steadily grown, at the behest of DPI’s dealers and industry partners, to encompass all aspects of the projector selection process.

Of course, the entire calculator suite integrates seamlessly with DPI’s projector database.   You can grab them here: