Digital Projection to Show New Projectors and dvLED Displays at InfoComm

Digital Projection

At InfoComm, Digital Projection (DP) will showcase a wide range of new projectors and direct-view LED displays designed to install quickly and easily in a diverse array of commercial environments. At InfoComm, attendees can witness a unique projection mapping demonstration that pairs DP’s new modular two-piece projectors with software from VIOSO, a videoconferencing session conducted on a custom-configured micoLED display and other real-world applications of DP products. DP’s featured solutions have been meticulously designed and engineered for exceptional performance and installation ease.

DP will show the following display solutions this year at InfoComm:

HIGHlite 4K UHD Reference Satellite Modular Light Source (MLS) Projection System

The HIGHlite 4K UHD Reference Satellite Modular Light Source (MLS) projection system from Digital Projection (DP) is a bonafide game-changer for the commercial AV marketplace, according to the company. By separating the projector head from the pure laser light engine, the HIGHlite S-MLS offers true installation flexibility and a projector chassis that’s significantly smaller and lighter than other premium 3-chip DLP projectors. The HIGHlite S-MLS weighs 42lbs., compared to the 120lbs. of most other projectors, and is 83% smaller than its original integrated design, making it easier to fit into tight spaces.

Moreover, its modular design enables the illumination engine to be located apart from the projector head, which minimizes noise from interfering with the viewing experience, enables greater customization and simplifies upgrades and maintenance.

New 0.9 Pixel Pitch MicroLED

Digital Projection has added a new MicroLED option to its Radiance LED EV Series, designed for image clarity and detail in environments dictated by short viewing distances. Including Micro LED technology in both pixel pitch 0.9mm and 1.2mm, the new EV Series is well suited for critical viewing in commercial applications, such as small- and medium-size boardrooms and command and control facilities. The 0.9mm offering hits the 4K imaging sweet spot at a 163-in. diagonal size. The new EV Series extends up to a 2.5mm pitch, offering integrators options for other types of viewing requirements. Other features contributing to the new MicroLED’s imaging performance include brightness up to 1,200 nits and contrast up to 20,000:1.

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Titan 41000 and M-Vision 27000 WU Laser Projectors

Digital Projection believes it is pushing the imaging envelope with the introduction of two new laser projectors. Built into the Titan 41000 projector chassis are several  technologies that make it an ideal solution for higher-end large venue applications such as auditoriums, performing arts centers and visitor attraction venues. Standout features of this high-end 4K-UHD (3840×2160) 16:9 laser projector include an exceptionally broad color gamut thanks to the use of both red and blue lasers, improved 2,000:1 native contrast ratio, 41,000 ANSI lumen output and HDR.

Also joining the DP laser projector lineup is the M-Vision 27000 WU. Outputting 27,000 ISO lumens, DP claims it is the brightest single-chip laser projector on the market. It excels in any environment, regardless of ambient or natural light, says the company. Also key to its imaging quality is the use of red laser diodes for increased color fidelity and accuracy.

InfoComm 2023 attendees can see DP’s new projectors and LED displays in Booth 3029.