Digital Projection Shows Single-Chip DLP 3D Home Theater Projector

MVision-400-3D-small-0211Digital Projection recently introduced the M-Vision Cine 400-3D and also showcased it ISE 2011. The single-chip DLP home projector is an active 3D-enabled 6,000-lumen  meant for screens up to 3.5 meters (approximately 11.5 feet) wide.

The M-Vision Cine 400-3D is compact and lightweight, with a lens shift range of 30 percent horizontal and 120 percent vertical. Multiple lenses, with throw ratios ranging from 1.25 to 3.0:1 — or a fixed lens with a .73:1 throw ratio, are available as well.

Digital Projection is positioning this projector as entry-level (relative to high-brightness 3D projectors, of course), with a list price of $17,995 – $18,495, depending on lens selection.

For more information on the M-Vision Cine 3D projectors: