Digital Audio Labs Aims New LiveMix at HOW Market

dal-livemix-0615Digital Audio Labs’ new MIX-32 is aimed at the HOW market to give them up to 32 live personal mixes. The heart of the Livemix system is the dual mix personal mixer. Each unit has two discrete mixes with separate headphone outputs and separate control knobs. This mixer reduces stage clutter and significantly reduces the overall system price. With the new MIX-32, up to 16 dual mix personal mixers can be used for a total of 32 mixes. For those performers who may not be sharing a mixer, a firmware update includes a “linked mix” mode, that allows each dual mix unit to provide a single mix.

The Livemix MIX-32 doubles the mix capacity of the Livemix system providing up to 32 personal mixes. The MIX-32 provides power and distribution of up to 24 audio channels to attached CS-DUO dual mix personal mixers. The MIX-16 (16 total mixes) and the MIX-32 central mixer and distributor units are currently available from Livemix dealers.

Here are the technical details.