Different Uses for Digital Signage

When thinking about digital signage, most folks automatically think of quick-service restaurants. However, as clichéd as it may sound, the applications for digital signage are endless. We’ve certainly been seeing digital signage serve new and grand purposes.

Car Service

How about bringing in your car to be serviced without ever speaking with a concierge or making an appointment? New kiosks allow drivers to do just that by using touch screens to sign in, request a service and get started with a technician. This new application of digital signage has made the service process significantly quicker and easier, particularly for busy folks who may have traditionally had trouble getting an appointment to suit their busy schedules while freeing up time for receptionists to better handle customer service needs.

Emergency Alerts

Institutional Digital SignageDigital signage in educational environments is becoming more widespread. While for the most part these displays communicate school news and events, they have also enhanced school emergency protocols.

Networked displays allow for schools to quickly and easily disperse alerts when there is an emergency alert. With digital signage, campus news can be communicated visually, quickly and easily. Updates can be made in an instant and classes need not be interrupted with announcements.

Retail Modeling

New large-scale displays are changing the retail landscape. Customers no longer have to simply wonder how something will look on them. 84″ displays now allow folks to check out clothing on life-size models who appear nearly 3D on 4K screens. Prior to these large screens, you would have to utilize four 42″ screens to attempt to achieve this experience, though it was certainly not as successful due to the division created by bezels.

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When used in windows, these large screens allow retail stores to forgo the lengthy process of changing window displays. Additionally, content can quickly be updated with new sales or models’ attire can be tailored to the current weather conditions.

What’s the most impressive and unique application of digital signage you’ve seen? Tell us below!