Didn’t Get to Register for ProAV Day of LAVNCH WEEK? Alexis La Broi Gave Me a Preview of the Panel Topic

lavnch week alexis la broi

Hello, and welcome to the first day of LAVNCH WEEK if you’re registered, but if not, never fear because you know we always have tricks up our sleeves. Because of the nature of this project, we had to limit our registration to a certain number of people, so for the first order of business, I’d like to invite you to check out the LAVNCH WEEK microsite. Although it won’t have everything that you get from attending the event live, we are providing exclusive content for all #AVtweeps, not just those who were able to register for this first event.

By the way: We’re hosting a panel for ProAV Day on “AV Careers, Workforce Development and Pivoting Your Products and Services.” Luckily, I snagged Alexis La Broi, director of sales at VER, for a few minutes so she could tell me all about this panel (that she’ll be hosting!) She has a great perspective — so if you’re able to join us for ProAV Day, lucky you! If not, don’t worry, we’re cooking up another LAVNCH WEEK event already so go ahead and secure your spot now. Run, don’t walk!