Did You Know That AVI-SPL is BLOWING You Away?

avi spl 0512

avi-spl-0512If you’re reading this in the first 10 minutes of me posting it, statistically, you’re likely work for AVI-SPL. And, if you’re reading this from a referral via Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn, I’ll almost guarantee you that you heard about it from someone who works at AVI-SPL!

Why’s that?

Well, simply put: AVI-SPL is frickin’ blowing every other integrator away when it comes to engaging with both manufacturers and potential customers. You may not like reading that, but it’s true.

I have over 5,000 connections on LinkedIn and over 12 percent of them are employees of AVI/SPL. There are more people fromAVI-SPL on Twitter and Facebook, too, than any other dealer in AV. And, it’s not just a numbers game. Sure, you may say, “Well, that’s because they have more employees than anyone else.” But, you’d be wrong.

The fact is, AVI-SPL is doing a bang-up job of leveraging social media — way, way, way, way better than any other integrator in AV.

They’re leveraging potential clients on LinkedIn via educating them on AV, networking AV and on product news. And, nearly everyAVI-SPL employee is on LinkedIn, too. LinkedIn tells me that over 900 of them are, so far. And, that’s nearly 75 percent of the entire company! What percentage of your employees are on LinkedIn? Oh, I forgot, you’d rather they not be on LinkedIn as they might find a better job than working for you…

Moving on.

On Facebook, they’ve got over 1,000 LIKES on their FAN PAGE and most of them aren’t from employees?!? How’s that possible? Well, that means it’s customers. People who buy stuff from AVI-SPL and take the time to LIKE them on Facebook. They use Facebook to sign people up for webinars, to share stories on projects they’ve done for clients, to announce new hires (a great way to use Facebook as it’s people talking about people) and to post videos on projects they’ve done – oh, by the way, they’ve had over 2,000 video views BY CLIENTS since the beginning of the year.

And, Twitter. Everyone uses Twitter, right? Well, so is AVI-SPL. But, they’ve got a secret weapon. Not only has their corporate Twitter account sent more tweets than the next five largest dealers combined, but they’ve got hundreds of employees with AVI-SPL monikers tweeting product news, retweeting our news, tweeting about seminars and workshops and inviting people to open houses (with beer) every day.

So, why’d I write this? To get you moving! Get on social media. You’re on the verge of getting buried by them.

Heck, we set up a FREE Social Media Blueprint for the AV industry to follow that tells you everything to do to Tweet, Facebook and LinkedIn your way to success on social media and we’ve even thrown in how to Google+ (so you can Google+ to the other 12 people in the market using the service), YouTube, VIMEO and UStream. Oh, and did I forget about Blogging? Ha, ironic, huh?

It’s all over at: http://www.ravesmb.com

And, and “you’re welcome” to whomever is managing Social Media Marketing at AVI-SPL — you deserved that raise. And, if you don’t get it, call up Doug Hall at The Whitlock Group as I am sure he’d pay you to fix their social media woes.