DENON Launches Audio Extractor — DN-271HE

denon-dn-271he-0115The new DN-271HE is an audio extractor that essentially isolates the encoded audio content from HDMI so it can be routed separately — for example, to a mixer or sound reinforcement system.

With support for ultra-high definition signals, the DN-271HE enhances the flexibility of any display-plus-speakers system up to 4K2K video with 192kHz audio. Unique audio outputs are available on line level Euroblock connections, making it simple for integrators to incorporate the DN-271HE into space-challenged installations in series with other components. The DN-271HE supports CEC bypass for uninterrupted use with A/V equipment.

Denon Professional DN-271HE:

  • 7.1 Channel HDMI Audio Extractor
  • Separates audio signals from digitally encoded content
  • HDMI and Optical audio input
  • Line level Euroblock connectors
  • Supports HDMI and Optical audio sampling rates up to 192kHz
  • 4K2K ready; works with current and next generation UHD signals
  • EDID switching between 7.1 channel LPCM, Bitstream and TV (external)
  • CEC bypass ensures seamless operation with other A/V components

The DN-271HE will be available in Spring 2015 at a US price of $299.99 and is here.