Demand For Wireless High Resolution Home Theater Audio Sparks Growth in Wireless Speaker and Audio Association

WISA_logo-WEB-0613The Wireless Speaker and Audio (WiSA) Association, an industry group focused on high resolution, wireless, multi-channel audio products to the home theater market, continues its fast growth with the addition of six new members. Joining the Association to advance its mission are:

  • Claridy Audio, a full-service OEM and ODM for digital audio electronics, wireless, amplification and complete acoustical system design
  • Elytone Electronic Co., Ltd., a leading OEM and ODM for audio products
  • Enclave Wireless Audio builds wireless audio products
  • Fostex, a manufacturer of consumer and professional audio products is a division of Foster, a large OEM speaker maker
  • Innovo Concepts, Inc., an innovative product design company
  • Monitor Audio, a global specialist in speaker design

The Association has grown more than 50 percent since January of 2014 and now has 30 member companies.  Additional member announcements are expected in the coming days. According to Raiyska Iyer, market research analyst for Futuresource Consulting, home audio represents an enormous opportunity for manufacturers and retailers with wireless speakers and soundbars growing at 181 percent and 81 percent annually. To date, wireless audio solutions have been limited to only a stereo experience, the key advantage of WiSA-compliant components is that it is the first solution to offer high-resolution audio from  2.0 to 7.4 channels. And, WiSA-compliant systems are fully interoperable, allowing the consumer the convenience and freedom-of-choice to mix and match components from different manufacturers.

WiSA is here.