Delvcam Intros Eight LCD 1RU Rack Monitor for 3G-SDI

Delvcam just unveiled the new DELV-8LCD-SDI 1RU rack mounted monitor panel featuring eight 2-inch displays, each with one 3G-SDI input and one 3G-SDI output and multiple functions. 

With functions such as equalization and reclocking as well as on-screen audio meters, timecodes and UMDs, this eight LCD rack mounted monitor is designed of both live events and in-house production suites.

The LED backlit LCD monitors feature embedded audio meters, equalization, reclocking and a UMD character function. Each monitor has a 640×240 native resolution and includes DIP switches that activate audio meters and time codes to assist in audio/video production monitoring. Functions, including brightness and contrast, are controlled through a computer interface.

Here are all the detailed specs.