Delta Intros Network-Based Control for Displays

delta-DVCS-NEW-0612Delta Products launched the Super Resolution Image Software (SRIS) and IP Stream Software (IPSS) to its Distributive Vision Control System (DVCS) family. Aimed at the fast-growing process-based industries such as electrical, water, oil, gas and data, the new SRIS can capture and display videos and images at resolutions up to an astonishing 102,400 x 7,680, all in real time with high performance. With the latest DVCS processors, you can display virtually any super high resolution image on virtually any number of screens.

Based on the DVCS technology, the new IPSS offers the abilities to capture and display all types of IP streaming signals. This enables the DVCS to participate in large-scale surveillance networks with high-performance decoding and monitoring capabilities.

Super high resolution displays and IP camera signals can be controlled and managed through a simple interface. In addition, the latest software update allows users to control video wall displays from an Apple iPad, giving the system even greater flexibility to adapt to users’ needs.

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