Delta Displays Offers All-in-One MiniNOC Bundles for Small Control Rooms

delta-noc-0114Delta has launched a new MiniNOC, billed as a complete display solution that combines a wide screen display with a multi-source video wall controller. Delta’s MiniNOC displays are targeted to small, low-cost yet mission-critical control room requirements.

Using Delta’s megapixel video displays and a MiniCON video wall controller, MiniNOC is basically a turn-key packaged solution for control room projects with small budgets and limited space. MiniNOC displays are available in a variety of sizes and options, however Delta has removed the complication of system design and ordering by matching each kit to a single part number — one SKU, one order, one delivery to the installation site.

Delta offers 10 different bundled options based on two display platforms:

  • The MiniNOC WX series combines all the benefits of the seamless, super-high resolution WX displays with the embedded MiniCON controller. Available in four models with screen sizes ranging from 137×41” to 203×72”, the MiniNOC WX can display resolutions up to 7 megapixels on a seamless digital canvas.
  • The MiniNOC LCD series features the MiniCON controller and super narrow bezel 46” or 55” tiled LCD panels. Available in six different configurations, the MiniNOC LCD offers viewing areas from 80×45” up to 143×81”.

A brochure covering all 10 systems is here.