December Is the New January

budget-1212The majority of churches tie their new budget year with the new calendar year, meaning new funds are available come January. But what you may not know is that a lot of churches use December to look for upgrades to stuff into the new year budgets at the last minute.

It used to be that the new ads and promotions to the church market started when the new ads rolled out for every other market: January. But since a lot of last-minute budgeting happens at churches in December, it’s wise to jump on the opportunity to help with some easy upgrades now so they’ll plan for it in the new budget.

While you’re at it, manufacturers and systems integrators and rep firms, think about how you’ll target the various church market subsections starting in January, but continuing throughout the year. For example, while it’s common for churches to make significant upgrades early on (new budget money), they’re already be thinking about Easter production in January, so you can help with targeted marketing well before spring rolls around.

Knowing the house of worship market’s calendar is important in identifying “what, when and who” to reach. From influencers to decision-makers, they’re looking at what’s coming next and respond well when you speak with them, not “at” them. Start building the relationship now and determine how your product roll-outs for the coming year can intersect this often overlooked vertical market. Churches may be as close to recession-proof as any industry, but they’ve got to know about your solutions in order to make budgeting and purchasing decisions!

It’s not too early to start planting seeds for churches to consider making updates and upgrades for the new budget year. Great, compelling content delivered early, consistent and often are the keys to being thought influencers in the house of worship market.