Joel Rollins’ Morning Observations of Day Three at ISE 2016

joel-0216OK, folks, this show is tiring. I am sitting here at lunchtime on Day 3 of the (now) four-day show, wondering if my new sneakers will make it through four full days. However, this morning Annabelle Kayye and I got a number of great interviews…

First, we sat down for a discussion of 4K scaling and transmission with longtime friend and contributor Tim Brooksbank of Calibre. He had some great insights on the scaling and switching market, which is certainly a bit foggy at the moment. It seems that every product at the show which is not marked “collaboration” is marked “4K,” and many are both. So Tim’s insights on practical methods are timely.

Then, I did a brief stand-up in front of what is (so far) my favorite piece in the show… the absolutely stunning 65″, curved, DUAL-SIDED OLED displays at LG. Folks, OLED is really coming into its own. They are bright, crisp, thin and stand so well in the middle of a room that I walked around them several times, truly impressed.

Then, for an impressive non-AV item at the show, the Hua Wei booth had a really catchy dancing robot, and Annabelle shot a great highlight on it.

Anyway, more to come this afternoon!