Day 1: ISE 2014 and the RAI is Rockin’…

raveradio-0114An AWESOME day today — the crowd is great, the mix of manufacturers and buyers is strong, and around the new tech exhibits it can be difficult to move. And that’s great for a trade show.

Gary and I did a new edition of “THE WEEK” live from the floor, and its being posted today, so you can listen to many of the things we have seen on the ISE microsite here.

In the meantime, here are a few of the things you can expect to hear about:

  • New wireless systems (potentially competitive with Barco’s ClickShare)
  • New videoconferencing manufacturers
  • Cars with projected images for the rear windows
  • Refrigerators with transparent doors – that can play video
  • A hot tradeshow with great attendance – and great exhibits

I had a great talk yesterday with a number of senior execs from both manufacturers and industry associations, as well as integrators — you can find all the videos in the ISE microsite.

Tomorrow, you can expect that we’ll be posting hundreds of booth videos and product demonstrations you can browse through, as well as continuous commentary on the industry, the new announcements, and the colorful cast of characters at ISE.