Dave Matthews Band + A LOT of AV Equipment!

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YOU GUYS. In a few minutes, I’m hitting the road to Charlotte, North Carolina with a friend to see THE DAVE MATTHEWS BAND.  GAH!
I know, I know, not everyone loves Dave like I love Dave… and that’s okay.


However, one thing I think it really awesome and I have come to appreciate FAR MORE now that I’m in the AV industry,
is the amount of AV equipment that it takes to make a Dave show happen.
So, I did some Binging, and here’s what I found…
You AVers that care might be interested to know the type of equipment Dave’s shows use
(I know I thought it was pretty cool to see what he uses…):

Dave’s Audio Gear (all information sourced from the Dave Matthews Band “On The Road” website – no copyright infringment intended):


FOH Speakers
Meyer Sound Labs MILO Line Array
Meyer Sound Labs MICA Line Array
Meyer Sound Labs HP-700 Subwoofer
Meyer Sound Labs MSL-4 Self Powered Loudspeakers
Meyer Sound Labs CQ-2 Loudspeakers
Meyer Sound Labs UPJ1-P
Monitor Speakers
Sensaphonics 2X personal ear monitors
Meyer MJF-212a monitor wedge
Meyer USM-1 monitor wedges
Clark Synthesis Tactile Sound Transducer
FFW (Fonz Foot Wedge)
FOH: Digidesign Venue
Monitors: Digidesign Profile and Yamaha M7CL
Support FOH: Gamble EX-56 Modified by Ultra Sound
Support Monitors: Yamaha M7CL
FOH Outboard Gear
Meyer Sound Labs Galileo
Meyer Sound Labs SIM3
Metric Halo Mobile I/O
Sony CDP-D11
Monitor Amplifers
Crest 7001 amplifiers
Support FOH Outboard Gear
Aphex Expressor 651
Aphex Gate 612
tc Electronic M5000
Lexicon PCM-70
TC Electronics D-2
IBM a30 and a31p Thinkpads
Sennheiser EM2003 wireless measurement receiver
SIA Smaartlive 5.4 sound measurement program
Recording Gear
API L200 frames with 212L preamps
Digidesign HD3 protools
Tascam MX-2424 HD multitrack
Tascam DA30MK-II Dat recorder multitrackv
Tascam CDR recorders
Neumann, Sennheiser, AKG, Shure, Bruel and Kjaer, DPA, Crown, EV, Audio Technica and Earthworks
AMP Quicklatch and G2 connectors
Whirlwind, Belden, Ramtech, Proplex and Mogami 52 pair cable

2- Grand MA Lighting Consoles

1- Grand MA Lite Lighting Console
4- MA NSP Network System Processors
2- ETC 6 x 6K Sensor Dimmer Racks
1- CAE 36 x 2.4K Dimmer Rack
1- CAE 72 Way Moving Light distro
1- TMB Pro Power 96 Way Moving Light Distro
12- Doug Fleenor Designs Data Splitters
2- DataLynx DMX Data Back Up units
1- Motion Labs Chain Motor Automation Server
6- TMS Custom Pantagraphs
6- High End Systems ShowGuns
2- High End Systems catalyst Media Servers
14- High End systems Studio Beam
17- High End Systems Studio Command 1200
16- High End Systems Studio Command 700
42- Martin Atomic 3000 Strobes
5- Studio Due CS-4
6- Studio Due CS-2
21- Pixelline PixelPar 90
15- Pixelline 110ec LED Battens
19- Vari*Lite VL3000 Spot
28- Vari*Lite VL3500 Wash
9- Vari*Lite VL3500FX Wash
8- Tyler Truss Custom Curved 20.5 x 20.5″ Truss
8- Tyler Truss Custom Curved Double Hung Truss
2- Tyler Truss 91″ Double Hung Truss
13- Tyler Truss 20.5″ x 10′ Truss
2- Tyler Truss 20.5″ x 5′ Truss
10- Mole Richardson 10K Fresnels
5- Arri 2K Fresnel
5- Wybron Large Format Color Changer
15- Thomas Linear Four Lights
7- ETC Source 4 750W Ellipsoidal
1- Clear Com MS702 Intercom Base Station
12- Clear Com Headsets and Beltpacks
2- MDG 5000 Foggers
2- MDG 3000 Foggers
1- 100 Meter Lighting Control Snake
1- 100 Meter Dual Ethernet Snake


Channel | Input | Mic
1) Kick Drum (low) Sennheiser e902
2) Kick Drum (high) Sennheiser e901
3) Snare Top Sennheiser e905
4) Snare Bottom Sennheiser e905
5) Timb Shure Beta 57a
6) Floor Tom DPA 4021
7) Tom 4 (low) DPA 4021
8) Tom 3 DPA 4021
9) Tom 2 DPA 4021
10) Tom 1 (high) DPA 4021
11) Tom 0 (Left hand) DPA 4021
12) Hi Hat Neumann KM184
13) Chime AKG C 414 B-XLS
14) Block Shure KSM137
15) Ride DPA 4011
16) Sample L Direct
17) OH SR Shure VP88
18) OH SL Shure VP88
19) Violin Dry Direct
20) Violin Wet Direct
21) DM Guitar 6 Direct
22) DM Guitar 12 Direct
23) DM Guitar HiB Direct
24) DM Guitar Electric Shure SM7B
25) DM Gtr Emulator Direct
26) Tim Electric Shure SM57
27) Tim Gtr Emulator Direct
28) Bass Dry Direct
29) Bass Wet Direct
30) Sax DPA 4099
31) Soprano DPA 4099
32) Flute Shure KSM32
33) Sax FX L Direct
34) Sax FX R Direct
35) Trumpet Clip DPA 4099
36) Trpt Stick AKG C 4000 B
37) Boyd Vocal Shure Beta 87c
38) Dave Vocal Sennheiser e945
39) Rashawn Vocal Sennheiser e945
40) Carter Vocal Crown CM310a
41) Piano L Direct
42) Piano R Direct
43) DM Piano Vocal Sennheiser e945
44) Guest Inst
45) Guest Inst
46) Guest Vox
48) Lav Mix Direct (from mons)
49) AUD L (stg) AT 4050
50) AUD R (stg) AT 4050
51) FOH Return to Record L Direct (from FOH)
52) FOH Return to Record R Direct (from FOH)
53) FOH AUD L Neumann KM184
54) FOH AUD R Neumann KM184

Carter’s Gear – Drums
Yamaha 20″x18″ Kick Drum
Yamaha 8″,10″,12″,14″,16″ Rack Toms
Yamaha 14″ x 6 1/2″ Prototype Snare Drum
DW 9002 Series Double Kick Pedal
DW Hardcore Beaters
DW 9000 Hi-Hat Stand
DW Kick Drum Trigger
Dunnett 10″x6″ Purple Titanium Snare
Dunnett 13″ Titanium Timbale
LP Hand Percussion
Remo Clear Emperor Over Ebony Ambassador Drum Heads
Remo Powerstroke 4 Kick Drum Head
ProMark Carter Beauford Signature Series Hickory 5AB Sticks
Hart Electronic Drum Pads and Triggers
Carter’s Gear – Cymbals (Zildjian)
14″ K Dark Crash Medium Thin
20″ A Custom Flat Ride
20″ A Projection Ride
13″ Hi-Hats: K Dark Custom Top and Z Dyno Beat Bottom
6″ Zil-Bel
18″ K Dark Medium Thin Crash
17″ K Prototype
10″ A Custom Splash
19″ K China atop a 20″ Oriental Classic China
8″ A Splash stacked atop a 10″ K Splash
9″ Oriental Splash
20″ Crash of Doom
14″ K China w/ 4 rivets
18″ K Prototype
14″ ZTX
Stefan’s Gear
Jon Hill 4 string
Ken Smith 5 string bass (Ken Smith Strings)
Modulus 5 string fretless
Hamer 12 string bass (D’addario strings)
Yamaha Silent Series Upright Bass
Thomastik-Infeld Power Bass Strings
Hamer 12 string bass (D’addario strings)
Ampeg SVT-4 Pro Heads
Ampeg 8×10 Bass Cabinets
Furman PL-8 Power Conditioner
Shure UR14D Wireless Units
Shure UA845 Antenna Distribution w/ Antennas
IK multimedia Stomp I/O
IK multimedia Amplitube X-Gear w/ Ampeg SVX
Mac Mini Computer
Mac 18″ display
Mac Bluetooth Mouse and Keyboard
Ampeg SVP-CL Preamp for Yamaha Upright bass
Coleman MS8 switcher
Korg DTR-1 Digital Tuner
Dave’s Gear
Taylor 914C 6-String Acoustic Guitar
Taylor W65 12-String Acoustic Guitar
Taylor 714 Acoustic Guitar
Jerry Jones Baritone
Veillette Gryphon
Veillette Baritone 12-String
D’Addario Strings
Dunlap Guitar Pics
Matchless DC-30 Amplifier
Shure UHF Wireless System
Shure UHE Antenna Distro
UltrSound/Soundweb Custom Switcher
Korg DTR-1 Digital Tuner
Boyd’s Gear
MSI violin
Jordan violin
John Norwood Lee Bows
Thomastik-Infeld Strings
Furman PL-8 Power Conditioner
Coleman Audio Switcher
Shure UR14D Wireless Units
Shure UA845 Antenna Distribution w/ Antennas
API 500HPR Pre-Amp
Eventide GTR-7000 Ultra-Harmonizer
Korg DTR-1 Digital Tuner
Fishman Acoustic Amp

Phew. That is A LOT of AV equipment to make a show happen. Anything surprising?  Do you have experience with large shows like Dave and the AV equipment? Are you a Dave fan?