Dataton Has a New Update for WATCHOUT Production Software

watchout ic2020
The 6.6.1 release of Dataton’s WATCHOUT focuses on playback of live and H.264 video. In 6.6, Dataton added compatibility for NewTek NDI (4.1) and made improvements in audio latency and playback. This update fixes audio timing and adds key enhancements for working with real-time tracking.

WATCHOUT is a multi-display production and playback software that orchestrates still images, animations, graphics, video, sound and live feeds into a single show across multiple display areas, edge-blended or in any array.

A WATCHOUT rig consists of a production computer running WATCHOUT software connected to an unlimited number of media servers and display devices on a network. A physical WATCHOUT license key is required for the production computer and for each media server. Dataton’s own media servers (WATCHPAX and WATCHMAX series) feature a built-in WATCHOUT license key.

Here is more information about the WATCHOUT 6.6.1 update.