Datapath Adds Pair of Capture Cards to VisionSC Line

datapath-visionsc-1115Datapath Ltd has introduced its latest professional AV capture cards: the VisionSC-HD4+ four channel HDMI capture card and the VisionSC-SDI4, a four-channel 3G-SDI capture card.

The VisionSC-HD4+can be used to meet a wide range of applications that demand multiple channels of video capture from a single card. It has been developed to suit markets from advanced medical and machine vision capture, military applications and security/surveillance systems, through live events broadcasting and lecture capture, to retail display.

Available with either HDMI or DVI adapters, the VisionSC-HD4+ has four on-board HDMI1.4 capture inputs allowing for two channels of 4096x2160p @ 30fps and two channels providing 1920x1080p @ 60fps. All inputs operate independently of each other to enable four separate video sources (including HDCP protected sources) to be captured and controlled simultaneously. The card also features embedded audio support across all four channels.

Developed as a half-length card (110×177-millimeter including heatsink), the VisionSC-HD4+ will fit almost any systems.

The second new Datapath capture card, the VisionSC-SDI4, has been developed to capture multiple high definition SDI video signals, making it the ideal solution for AV professionals working in the broadcast, live event or surgical markets, or for any SDI capable applications. It provides four 3G-SDI inputs, each one capable of capturing 1920x1080p @ 60fps. All of the capture channels are hardware time-stamped, allowing for larger surfaces to be captured and stitched together seamlessly according to requirements.

The VisionSC-SDI4 includes an eight lane PCIe Gen.3 interface, 768 MB frame buffer memory, Datapath unified Windows and Linux driver support, and full support of the Vision Feature set.

For streaming applications, the VisionSC-SDI4 can be used with Windows Media Encoder to compress and stream captured video. The RGBEasy SDK from Datapath is also available for customers wanting to integrate Datapath cards into their own software environments.

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