Datapath Fx4 Now Has 4K60 HDMI Input

Datapath launched the Fx4 around InfoComm last month and now the multi-display controller supports 4K resolution at 60 fps (8-bit color) on the HDMI input. Added as part of the latest firmware upgrade, this new capability makes the Fx4 capable of handling 3840×2160 resolution signals.

Datapath says its Fx4 provides four outputs from a single box and they can be daisy-chained to build large video walls without any degradation in signal. With dual Ethernet port capability, only one Datapath Fx4 in the chain requires connection to the physical LAN as Ethernet loop-through is supported on the second port, meaning multiple devices can be connected.

The Fx4 also supports DisplayPort (DisplayPort1.2 or two HDMI 1.4 2160p at 60 outputs or equivalent up to 616 MP/s). It routes HDCP content on all inputs and outputs, and can be programmed and controlled independently of the platform through its network interface options (Ethernet or USB). Here are all the details.