dARTS Theater Debuts 5000 Series Speakers and DCB410-SUB Floor-to-Ceiling Bass Array


dARTS Theater, a Florida-based manufacturer of award-winning digital audio reference theater speakers and subwoofers, announces the introduction of the dARTS 5000 series of active loudspeakers and the DCB410-SUB floor-to-ceiling bass array powered by the rack-mountable 350-watt monoblock subwoofer amplifier. The US-made loudspeakers and subwoofers are now available.

The dARTS 5000 series speakers sport a new cabinet shape with a highly desired lightly textured matte-gloss black finish. New ribbon tweeters enable the dARTS audiophile-quality speakers to play to 40 kHz frequency. The 5000 series will output up to 124 dB SPL for extremely loud, clear sound in larger spaces.

dARTS active speakers utilize DSP-based crossovers, equalization, and time correction prior to amplification. All the woofers and tweeters are directly coupled to an amp channel, leaving nothing in the audio path to degrade the signal. This method feeds the speaker the purest signal from the source.

Each speaker driver in the system is custom tuned to match within 0.5 dB of each other and every dARTS system is calibrated and aligned to a reference performance level. And once installed and calibrated, your room will sound like one of the best theaters in the world.

The nearly eight-foot-tall, 280 lb. DCB410 trapezoidal-shaped subwoofer is specifically designed for corner placements and includes a linear array of eight 10-inch active woofers. The cone area is equivalent to a 28” woofer. The DCB410-SUB provides tight uncolored bass and has an anechoic frequency response to 16 Hz with a max SPL @ 1M of 122 dB. The subwoofer can be used in front corners as a linear line array or all four corners as an active double baseline array where the rear corner subs help reduce unwanted room modes.

Each subwoofer system comes with a high-current mono-block amplifier that drives the DCB410-SUB. Each powerful 1-RU amplifier puts out 350- watts RMS with a peak capability of 700 watts.

“The 5000 Series is the most extensive update we’ve ever done to the dARTS line. With predictable precision, dARTS speakers ensure true sound perfection regardless of the room’s acoustic,” said Ken Hecht, Vice President. “The DCB410-SUB line array experience is like nothing most home theater listeners have ever felt or heard; the linear wavefront impacts your body in a way that makes you feel the bass as much as you hear it. When used as a double-bass array, room modes can be actively reduced giving more even coverage in the listening area.”

The 5000 Series speakers and DCB410-SUB can easily be configured into your dARTS Theater audio design using the MSE Audio Theater Sound Designer.

Experience the new 5000 Series speakers and DCB410-SUB at CEDIA Expo in Sound Room 3 which will feature an 18-channel  dARTS digital audio reference theater system.