Dante Adopted by Over 60 Audio Manufacturers, So Far

Audinate, the inventor of Dante media networking (an AVB-based audio networking protocol), is gaining rapid adoption as the solution of choice among broadcast manufacturers. After this year’s IBC trade show, it was evident that Dante is being deployed by a large number of OEM equipment vendors in the broadcast industry. Audinate announced that 20 of its current 60 OEM manufacturer partners are involved in the broadcast market sector.

Audinate’s Dante products deliver a self-configuring, digital audio network that uses standard Internet Protocols. Yamaha, Salzbrenner Stagetec Mediagroup, NTP Technology, Sierra Automated System, DELEC, Bosch, Sound Devices, Digital Audio Denmark, Soundcraft, DHD-Audio, Jato and RTS/Telex all have announced the adoption of Dante media networking from Audinate.

“With approximately 60 OEM manufacturers aboard, Dante provides the highest degree of interoperable,” said Ervin Grinberg, Audinate’s director of marketing. “Much of the rapid adoption can also be attributed to Dante delivering a working solution today, and as well as migration path to standards such as AVB. The fact that Dante is designed to meet the requirements across multiple industry segments is a big benefit to all consumers.”

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