Daktronics Debuts 4-Output, 4K Media Player for Digital Signage

daktronics dmp 8124 pt 2

Daktronics just launched the DMP-8124, a four-output media player for digital signage — each output can be 4K. It is compatible with Venus Control Suite, the cloud-based software used for Daktronics LED and LCD screens nationwide. The four-output player can support full 4K (UHD) or four 1080p high-definition signals. It is preconfigured for content best practices to ensure content looks its best under every condition.

Its compatibility with Venus Control Suite enables users to bring LCDs into a larger overall digital display network. For example, if a business has multiple digital displays, the user can control all content from one simple interface. Venus Control Suite provides scheduling options tailored to the network size, including simple scheduling of one display to synced scheduling across LED/LCD screens to conditional scheduling based on different conditions such as weather.

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