Da-Lite Reformulates Ultra Wide Angle Surface

Da-Lite has reformulated the Ultra Wide Angle fabric to incredalite-Ultra-Wide-Angle-0112ase the contrast on this innovative screen surface. The viewing specifications of the Ultra Wide Angle surface remain virtually identical to the original, including its viewing half-angle of 78 degrees and a 0.65 gain.

The new light grey tint for enhanced contrast means that Ultra Wide Angle now performs better in mild ambient lighting conditions, such as those found in meeting environments with typical task light levels.

The Ultra Wide Angle flexible rear projection fabric is formulated for applications where exceptionally wide viewing angles are desired and ambient light is controlled. With its ability to diffuse light uniformly, the Ultra Wide Angle fabric is ideal for installations using multi-projector edge blending, as well as wide format screens with short focal length projection lenses. With its advanced performance characteristics, Ultra Wide Angle fabric dramatically reduces the likelihood of hot spotting.

Ultra Wide Angle is available in seamless sizes up to 16 feet in height. For more information on the Ultra Wide Angle fabric, go here: http://www.da-lite.com/products/selecting.php?viewMode=rear#anchor-14