Da-Lite Not Only Added a 10-Foot SightLine Cable Drop, But It’s Offering 21:9 Screens Now, Too!

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Da-Lite just debuted a new 10-foot SightLine Cable Drop option available with its Tensioned Advantage and Advantage electric screens. While SightLine’s standard 70″ aircraft-grade cable drop screen feature covers most custom drop-sizing scenarios, the new 10′ drop is designed to provide more flexibility for unique installations, such as unusually high ceilings, where additional drop may be required.

SightLine has an innovative approach to eliminating unsightly black drops and creating a screen that appears to float in the room. The single-roller suspension system features three or four thin cables that now accommodate drop distances up to 70″ (standard) or 10′ (optional) between the ceiling and the top of the screen. It preserves a room’s architectural integrity and creates usable space for components such as Vaddio cameras and/or speakers above the viewing area. With the ability to dial in the exact viewing height on-site, this flexible system claims to make specifying, ordering, and installing a screen quick and easy. You don’t need to calculate the drop distance ahead of time. Additionally, the cable height can be adjusted on-site for future projector upgrades, allowing end users to maximize their screen investment and reduce labor.

At InfoComm, Da-Lite is featuring a UTB Contour 21:9 Ultrawide Format fixed-frame screen aimed at MS Teams Front Row Rooms. The brand now offers a complete line of electric and fixed-frame screens in 21:9 Ultrawide Format standard part numbers.