D.W. Fearn Updates VT Series of Microphone Preamps, Equalizers, Compressors

dw fearn vt series

D.W. Fearn just announced several updates to its VT Series of tube microphone preamplifiers, equalizers and compressors.

The updated VT-2 now features an integrated, switchable 43-decibel pad, enabling it to be patched into the Master Buss during mixdown and mastering to provide D.W. Fearn’s sonic signature to the final mix or mastering process. This replaces the LP-1 Line pad’s need, which was a separate box previously available from D.W. Fearn. The new design now makes the VT-2 a veritable triple-threat, equally at home in recording, mixing and mastering.

The company also updated the VT-5 Dual Channel Vacuum Tube Equalizer and the VT-7 Dual Channel Vacuum Tube Microphone Compressor. Now both units incorporate a Class-A vacuum tube audio path. And this eliminates the need for an internal fan — making operation quieter.

The new VT-2, VT-5, and VT-7 are available now from D.W. Fearn | Hazelrigg Industries for $5,500, $10,200 and $8,200, respectively.