D-Tools Announces SI 5; Embeds Manufacturer-Dealer Communication in System Integrator

D-Tools announced version 5 of System Integrator software. The upgrade, says the company, makes it easier to use, with all new interfaces, and includes the abilities to work natively in AutoCAD or Visio or both, better proposal generation, improved product data matrix, enhanced interface for the product database, and an increase in the number of shapes and blocks. It also has a Grouped Connectors function, XML Reporting Schema and spell check.

D-Tools also announced a new feature in the System Integrator software that lets dealers request bids directly from manufacturers and get info about becoming an authorized dealer, and it gives manufacturers with MVP status a web portal interface to respond. SecureConnect V1, says D-Tools, is a secure environment that requires log-in and is secured by an SSL certificate (128 bit encryption). MVP manufacturer members are instantly notified of any D-Tools SI user requests via email and are prompted to respond using the web portal automated functionality.
Definitely a nice addition to the software.