CYP Europe Releases CR-UDC1 for Controlling AV Tech on Same Network

cyp europe cr udc1

CYP Europe’s new CR-UDC1 is a solution for controlling AV gear on same local network. With this unit connected to the local network, natively supported devices can be automatically detected, monitored, and controlled via a unified WebGUI interface with the ability to manually add control functionality for third-party devices as well.

Devices can be assigned, as desired, across multiple rooms with individually defined usage scenarios, with automation events, in each room. Additionally, this unit supports individual scenario configuration scripts and provides a visually structured, automation event editor to assist installers in building their imagined event space. The automation event editor supports scheduling, physical trigger activation, device monitoring and direct device polling to control the actions of devices.

The unit’s WebGUI can be accessed remotely via a standard web browser, or it can be controlled locally by connecting the unit to an HDMI display with a USB mouse and keyboard. Naturally, it can also be connected to an HDMI touchscreen (HDMI & USB) for a sophisticated and user friendly control option.

Here are the details: