CYP Announces AVLC Technology and the Introduction of 40 New Products at ISE 2018

CYP has announced that it will be launching its AVLC technology and introducing 40 new products at ISE 2018. A ground-breaking technology that delivers genuine 4K UHD signals in perfect quality up to 70 meters over a single run of Cat 5e/6/7 cable, AVLC (Adaptive Visual Lossless Compression) finally gives installers the technology required to deliver faithful HDR (HDR-10/Dolby Vision) video over long distances. Implementing AVLC into its range of HDBaseT extenders and matrices, CYP will be using itsnew stand concept at ISE 2018 to introduce 40 new products as it further strengthens its range of AV distribution products.
Despite HDBaseT’s 10.2Gbps bandwidth limitation, AVLC can pass the 18Gbps data feeds required for 4K UHD HDMI video sources, up to and including 4K@60Hz (4:4:4, 8-bit), as well as 10/12-bit sources with HDR-10 and Dolby Vision. This is thanks to the clever compression technology within AVLC, which packages and compresses the 18Gbps data allowing it to pass along the HDBaseT infrastructure and then re-builds it faithfully and visually-perfectly at the display end. Due to the numerous video signal qualities available, AVLC also auto detects the incoming signal’s resolution, colour space and colour depth and automatically selects the best way to reduce the bandwidth, if any compression is required.

As well as the introduction of AVLC, CYP will be launching 40 new products at ISE 2018. Heavily featuring HDBaseT technology, highlights include its range of extenders, matrices and IP solutions, including the first showing of its new flagship HDBaseT matrix — the PUV-1082-PRO. Integrating AVLC technology into this 10 HDMI input / 8 HDBaseT + 2 HDMI output matrix, the PUV-1082-PRO includes a complete audio matrix for total flexibility.
Joining CYP’s range of matrices is its latest modular system — the 16×16 MODX-1616. Assembled in multiples of four inputs/outputs, a user can specify any configuration they require — from four inputs by 16 outputs up to 16 inputs by 16 outputs and back to 16 inputs by four outputs. HDMI & HDBaseT connectivity and switching, including audio dembedding across all outputs, is all possible from this highly advanced modular system.
On demonstration at ISE will be CYP’s latest extender kits, including the AVLC-enabled PUV-1810TX/RX-AVLC and PUV1710TX/RX-AVLC. Able to transmit genuine 4K UHD signals in perfect quality over HDBaseT, the PUV-1810 combo transmits up to 70 meters and the PUV-1710 combo up to 40 metres over a single run of Cat 5e/6/7 cable.  Ideal for corporate and educational environments, CYP’s new PUV-1600 extender range includes a greater level of flexibility, as it incorporates an additional layer of control.  This is ideal for lecterns, podiums and boardrooms, as the user has the ability to control the AV signal at their fingertips.
Where an IT infrastructure is already in place, CYP has added to its HDMI/VGA over IP range. Now featuring the IP-7000TX/RX and IP-6000TX/RX, both systems can transmit HDMI signals with audio breakout over an existing LAN, all easily configured and controlled by the new IP-CS7. For display and presentation use, the EL-7400V and EL-7500V offer switching and scaling, whilst the new EL-42PIP and EL-21PIP (Picture in Picture) models allow for multiple sources to be shown on the same display.  CYP’s range of HDMI switchers have also had an update, with the OR-88U-4K22 featuring full 6G HDMI 2.0 compliance, whilst the OR-44U-4K22 adds digital audio breakout via optical for each output.
Also on show will be CYP’s new RAX 19” rack-mount system. Designed specifically for use with the wide-range of CYP extenders, amplifiers and control devices, two versions are available: RAX-300 for 3U spacing and RAX-600 for 6U. For total convenience, a range of accessories is available to power, cool and aesthetically complete the installation.
Audio always features highly at any CYP event.  Along with a range of audio embedders, de-embedders and Digital to Analogue Converters (DACs) — AU-IP21, AU-11CA-4K22, AU-11CD-4K22 and AU-1H1DD-4K22 — CYP is also introducing its latest mini stereo amplifier — AU-A220. Featuring two inputs and two 20-watts per channel, this mini amplifier is perfect for local multi-room audio applications.  For home audio use, the AU-D6-384, AU-D6H and AU-D6-192 take the output from a laptop and convert it to an analogue signal for a local amplifier or active speakers/headphones.
CYP introduced its range of system testing tools at last year’s show and they have proved to be so popular, it is adding a dedicated installer multi-function test tool — XA-3P. Featuring HDMI source/sink testing, EDID management, HDMI cable testing, built in pattern generator and 4K UHD to 1080p downscaler, the XA-3P is battery operated making it easily portable. By far, this is one of the most valuable tools every installer should carry in their tool box.
In addition to AVLC and all of the new products, new for ISE 2018 will be CYP’s innovative stand concept, which allows for more hands-on product briefings, AVLC demonstrations, technical workshops and meeting area. Using much of its video display technology to light up the stand and visually illustrate what it is showcasing and launching, CYP is looking to make a real impact as it welcomes visitors to the stand.
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